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Very satisfied with career opportunities and living environment in Twente

COVID-19 may have something to do with it. But the reason that he sees more and more of his friends returning to Twente from the Randstad is for Dylan Wychgel, BI Consultant at Victa in Hengelo, exactly the reason why he never left: Twente has everything and life is even cheaper there.

Of course he has thought about going to study or work outside Twente, but during his studies in business economics at the Saxion in Enschede he already knew that he wanted to stay. “Why would you do an internship at a large company far away if you can do it here? I did an internship at ABN-AMRO/MeesPierson, just in Enschede. You have exactly the same opportunities here as further afield, we have large companies, they all have a branch here. Moreover, there are also many innovative medium-sized companies such as Victa that I ended up with.”

Contacts and network

With his studies in Business Economics, he could go in all directions 2.5 years ago. “I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but through my internship I found out that – although I had a good time there – I didn't like working at a very large company precisely because it is so big. That often makes an organization unwieldy. At the time, my girlfriend had a side job at café De Appel and through her I heard about a vacancy at Victa.” Another advantage of staying in Twente, he thinks. “Here you have the contacts, your network, you don't have that in another city. When I saw the vacancy, I was immediately very enthusiastic.” During his job interview, that feeling only increased. "Especially when I found out that everyone here is pretty much a big FC Twente fan, that creates a bond, because that's what I am."

Wishes of the customer

As a BI consultant, Dylan ensures that customers have a visual picture of what they want to know based on data from their organization at the touch of a button. “The wishes can be very broad,” says Dylan. “One company would like to have insight into the stock, another would like to have a quick insight into the turnover of various years or months, for example. It is every day a challenge to meet the wishes of a customer. The puzzle is different every time. Every company works with different systems and the trick is to transform the data into a compact answer. I found the variety I was looking for, the contact with customers and the 'puzzling' at Victa. It's my first employer after my studies and I'm in the right place right away, I don't think there are many people who are lucky enough to meet such a good employer as the first employer."

Financially stable

Dylan has bought a house with his girlfriend on the edge of the center of Hengelo. “That is also one of the reasons for staying here in Twente. If you want to build something, you just have to be here. Houses are unaffordable in large parts of the country, even here. "Throwing money away" every month on an expensive rental house is not my thing. You may earn a little less here compared to the Randstad, but you have the opportunity to become financially stable here.”

The Hengeloër also likes the directness of the people here. “Nobody beats around the bush, you can just say what you have to say. Everything is pretty close too. If you want to do your shopping, you spend a lot less time than in a large, busy city. For example, there is more time for fun things, to an FC Twente match with a group of friends - who come here every two weeks from all corners of the country for a home game, but also to work out or have a beer in the pub. It's all possible in Hengelo. If you are with nice people, you can have a good time everywhere, especially here in Twente!”

Photography: De fotoloods

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