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Qlik update - Qlik Forts

Qlik update

As a Qlik partner, we received a nice update about Qlik Forts today. Qlik Forts™ is a new hybrid service that securely extends Qlik Sense SaaS capabilities. It helps you easily store data where you want it: on-premises, in a virtual private cloud or in a public cloud. With Qlik Forts, organizations can experience the cost savings and performance benefits of SaaS without compromising data location requirements. Unlike other analytics tools, Qlik does not require moving all your data to a (Qlik) Cloud.

Forts is ready to run

Qlik Forts are pre-configured virtual appliances, ready to run in a virtualization/SaaS platform of your choice. The complexity of managing Qlik Forts is handled by Qlik and Qlik ensures that Forts is always up to date with the latest updates.

Always local

Data and applications always remain local to Qlik Forts, which is hosted behind your own firewall and is only accessible to users on your own network. Administrators manage the deployment as a whole and users have a single point of access to all analytics content, making analytics easy to deploy at scale. The highly anticipated release date of this new Qlik Sense SaaS feature is October 26.

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