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Our datajunks continue to specialize


De Bijenkorf, Nedap, On that ass, Regio Twente, Huuskes…just a few of Victa's more than 800 customers. From Hengelo and Amsterdam, Victa serves companies that want to operate data-driven.

Commercial director Bas-Jan Lubbers says that the company, which also has a branch in Amsterdam, has grown explosively in recent years. “More and more data is being collected. The challenge is to convert this data into relevant information that our customers use for their business operations.” And that is in the broadest sense: one customer wants to see at a glance which products are purchased by which target groups to determine the right marketing strategy, and the other company wants to gain insight into the most efficient logistics route. “The growth of our company is mainly since we provide a complete portfolio of products and services and that we have also started developing software ourselves,” says Bas-Jan. “We offer a full spectrum of software solutions and services and are a trusted advisor to our customers when it comes to Data Intelligence and Data Science.


This growth ensured that more and more specialists were recruited at Victa among the more than fifty employees. Technical Consultants, Business Intelligence Consultants, Data Engineers, they all work there. "We select people based on their talent," says Bas-Jan. “If you are a data junkie and like to come up with solutions for business issues and visualize them, then apply for a job with us. Based on what suits you and where your talent lies, you have plenty of room to develop at Victa.”


The method of the company from Twente ensured that the 'Qlik partner award' went to Hengelo this year. Bas-Jan thinks it is a wonderful acknowledgment of everything Victa does well. “It is our largest software partner and a global market leader. Qlik assesses their partners on quality, performance, innovation and customer satisfaction. The fact that we have won this prize from all participants from the Benelux indicates that we are doing well in our field. We are proud of it."

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