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Application Automation

Data Services

Qlik's No-code cloud-native service automates and streamlines workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Sense simply by taking action based on insights. This allows you to take action even faster based on insights.


Transform insight into action

Analyzing the right data 'in the moment' and using these insights to drive decisive action is something that is becoming increasingly important for successful companies. With Qlik Application Automation you create changeable processes that automatically respond to business events. In addition, it also triggers informed actions for your SaaS applications. With Qlik Application Automation you make use of powerful functions:

No code development

Create sophisticated workflows with Qlik's easy drag-and-drop approach. This approach helps you to easily assemble blocks and offers new techniques for loops and error handling, among other things.

Dynamic actions

Dynamic actions automatically creates triggered actions based on insights or anomalies in your data. Close the gap between insight and action by enriching your business processes with analytical and data insights.

Native Qlik Cloud integration

Automate your analytical DevOps and integration processes through the efficient Qlik Cloud APIs. Improve collaboration processes, respond to events quickly and easily, and streamline application development.

Broad SaaS Connectivity

Simplify the complexity of low level APIs through application functionality and quickly connect to SaaS applications such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce.

Central management

Catalog, manage and control automations centrally from one place to benefit from increased productivity and efficiency.

Qlik Application Automation for OEMs

Transform manual development of SaaS integrations into automatic and avoid time-consuming coding and maintenance issues. Create native integrations for OEMs visual workflow builder in your SaaS platform.

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Get to know Qlik SaaS Application Automation. This whitepaper will give you full insight and read about all the features of Qlik Saas Application Automation.

Application automation

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