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Qlik Cloud Analytics

Get everything from the cloud

Qlik Cloud lets you access your data and analytics anywhere, which means you can view them wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Plus, you don't need to invest time and money in hardware or software because Qlik Cloud Analytics is a scalable solution that adapts to your needs. And you can quickly start analysing your data without worrying about infrastructure issues. Furthermore, Qlik Cloud Analytics offers a wide range of data analytics features and capabilities, including data discovery, data integration, advanced visualisations and even automated machine learning.


Qlik Cloud Analytics brings the familiar dashboard experience of Qlik Sense to the Cloud. In Qlik's SaaS environment, you can structure, model and analyse your data as usual, without additional server maintenance. Existing apps can easily be imported into the Cloud environment, which works with the same technology. The functionality is more extensive, for instance it has been supplemented with dedicated script objects and automations. This allows the data pipeline to be set up effectively.

Better collaboration

Data sharing within Qlik Cloud Analytics is an important aspect of the tool. Users can easily share data and insights with others inside and outside their organisation. One of the ways data can be shared in Qlik Cloud Analytics is through shared dashboards. Users can create dashboards with the visualisations and data relevant to their team, and then share them with other users. Sharing of Qlik Sense apps is especially useful for users who have performed complex analyses and want to share them with others, so they can easily access the results.

Within Qlik Cloud Analytics, it is also possible to work collaboratively on apps and dashboards. Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same app and changes can be updated in real time. This is useful for teams collaborating on analytics and insights and wanting to make changes quickly. Finally, Qlik Cloud Analytics offers integrations with tools, including Slack and Microsoft Teams, making it even easier to share data and collaborate with others within the organisation.

Always up to date

Subscriptions allow users to stay informed about updates in their data and analytics. Users can subscribe to certain visualisations or dashboards and specify how often they want to receive updates (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly).

Alerts allow users to set an alert for certain conditions in their data. For example, this could be an alert when a certain threshold is exceeded or when a certain pattern is detected. Users can set these alerts for specific visualisations or for the entire dashboard. When an alert or subscription is triggered, the user receives a notification by e-mail, within the app itself or as a push notification on the smartphone.

GEO functionalities

GeoAnalytics is a powerful geographic analytics tool built into Qlik Cloud Analytics. GeoAnalytics allows users to combine data from different sources and visualise it on geographical maps. Thus, geographical patterns and trends are identified that are not clearly visible in tabular form.

Machine learning

Auto-ML (automated machine learning) is an automated approach to machine learning that uses sophisticated algorithms to build and optimise models without requiring the user to have extensive knowledge of machine learning.


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