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Augmented Analytics with Qlik

Make analytics human with AI and Augmented Analytics. This makes data easy to explore and read and you discover more relevant insights.

Make data accessible and understandable

Many business users do not have the right skills or data literacy to create dashboards and visualizations or navigate through pre-existing ones. These users are looking for answers to make informed decisions.

With Augmented Analytics from Qlik, organizations can finally break through those limitations. Augmented Analytics makes data accessible and understandable for employees who are not data analysts but need insights.


In this whitepaper (ENG) you can read all about the unprecedented possibilities that Augmented Analytics offers. It provides insight into how you can make AI Analytics more human and why it has added value for your organization. In addition, you will of course also read Qlik's auto-ML and the Insight Advisor.

Type: Whitepaper
Language: English
Pages: 8
Author: Qlik



Make Qlik Sense accessible and understandable for anyone looking for insights! In the Whitepaper of Qlik you can read about the absolute added value of Augmented Analytics for your organization.


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