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Grip on costs of the social domain

Municipality Hellendoorn

Hellendoorn is a municipality in the province of Overijssel and is located on the border of Salland and Twente, near Almelo. The municipality had 35,808 inhabitants on 1 January 2019. Like other municipalities in the Netherlands, this municipality has been given an increasingly extensive package of responsibilities in recent years, such as the decentralization of central government to the municipalities of the Social Support Act and the Youth Act, which involve substantial flows of funds.

The municipality also has to deal with increasingly higher expectations from citizens, politicians and social partners. This means that this municipality had to look at its organization in new, innovative ways. Data plays an important role in this.

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A new vision of management information

Ronald Slender, project manager at Hellendoorn, says: “Those who use the available data will gain new and better insights and make smarter decisions. With that mission, I started working for this municipality in 2018, after I spent many years working on analyzes and reports at Deventer Hospital and Almelo. One of my assignments was to develop a new vision on management information with the aim of achieving a more efficient organization and making a choice for future-proof tooling."

Gemeente Hellendoorn gets a grip on the costs of the social domain with Qlik Sense®
Ronald Slender

Municipality-wide role of Qlik Sense

Ronald Slender, Projectmanager, Gemeente Hellendoorn
“The outside world is changing. Laws and regulations are changing. Our responsibilities as a municipality are changing. You cannot control the operation if all the data disappears in a big black box from which only IT people can extract a report with pain and difficulty. That is why we have chosen to further roll out Qlik Sense within the organization. In the coming months, for example, we will be developing a municipality-wide dashboard containing information about finances, personnel and our case system.

For instance, we can zoom in on financial matters such as budget versus realization and improve our services, for example by analyzing the average time before someone is called back by a customer manager. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and I am sure that we as a municipality are better prepared for the future with Qlik Sense.


Download entire case

Download the entire case to read more about how Municipality Hellendoorn has regained insight into and grip on the costs of the social domain with one tool.


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