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Qlik Cloud updates!

New features

Qlik has launched a large number of new features in Qlik Cloud. For example, there is a script history available, where you can quickly revert to a previous version. Qlik Cloud Reporting can provide output in PowerPoint format. And there are new notification options available.

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Also, with the 'Custom' option, we can now choose our own grid size and add background images to individual visualisations or sheets.

Script History

Script History Qlik Cloud

Under the History tab in the script editor, you can save up to 50 versions of your load script. You can name each version yourself and view it again at any time. If you want to go back to a previous version, you can easily restore it.

Script History 2 Qlik Cloud

Custom Grid size

In the worksheet properties, you will find a new option under Grid spacing: Custom. If you select it, a slider appears where you can set the size of the grid.
The size ranges from 8 to 42. This is the number of grid squares in height. The number of boxes in width is double that.

Visualisation and Worksheet background

For visualisations and worksheets, background images can now be added. For worksheets, you will find this option in the new Styling menu of the worksheet properties. Also for some visualisations (Waterfall chart, Histogram, Gauge, KPI, Box plot, Distribution Plot), this option can already be found in the Styling menu under Appearance > Presentation.

Custom Grid size Qlik Cloud

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