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Qlik's product models

tailored to your organisation

We are regularly asked if we can unlock data from well-known software packages and develop a dashboard for it. This request stems from the fact that the standard options are too limited for organisations and companies that work in a data-driven way.

Victa Data Platform

Thanks to our own Victa Data Platform (VDP), we are able to unlock data from almost all known platforms and sources. We have also built product models for a number of commonly requested software packages. These are templates that we have developed and have ready for Qlik the most requested KPIs. Below are some of our most requested product models.



Shopify, your ideal online shopping platform, and Qlik, the ultimate data analytics tool, form the perfect tandem for success. With this integration, you not only gain insight into sales figures and customer behaviour, but also the ability to quickly make smart, data-driven decisions. Whether you want to predict trends, perfect marketing strategies or understand customer preferences, Shopify and Qlik make it possible. Simplify your e-commerce, unlock insights and give your business the boost it deserves.


Combine the power of TOPdesk's service management with the analytical side of Qlik, and you get an excellent duo. Qlik's business intelligence adds depth to TOPdesk's efficient workflows. This collaboration not only offers improved service efficiency, but also unlocks insights into trends, performance and customer satisfaction. Want to monitor ticket flows, optimise response times or predict service needs? TOPdesk with Qlik takes your service management to the next level. Simplify your processes, get more out of your data and improve your service with this powerful combination.




AFAS, with Qlik, is one of the companies at the forefront of data-driven decision-making. AFAS, as an all-in-one software solution, is better marketed with Qlik's business intelligence. Whether it's HR analytics, financial reporting or operational efficiency, partnering with Qlik makes your operations smarter and better informed. Make processes easier, embrace technical analysis and drive your business to success with AFAS and Qlik as the dynamic duo for efficiency and insight.


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