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Victa guarantees professional services in the field of Business Intelligence. With our certified consultants you bring in specialist expertise and you can benefit from the many years of experience we have built up. We always go for the best solution and always put our customers first.

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Victa Consultancy

Victa guarantees professional services in the field of Business Intelligence. With our certified consultants, each and every one of them specialists, you bring in the expertise and benefit from the many years of experience that we have built up. We always go for the best solution and always put our customers first.

We have a clear focus on Qlik Consultancy and as a Qlik Elite Solutions Provider, our expertise lies in Qlik Sense. In addition, we also offer consultancy services in the field of Qlik NPrinting, Qlik Geoanalytics, Qlik Web Connectors, Qlik Big Data Index and Qlik Data Catalyst.

Victa offers consultancy for the following services:

Data Analytics

Victa has the tools and almost 15 years of experience to guide you through the Data Analytics journey. We make sure critical revenue information is available for reporting through closed processes that deliver the right information you need on time. For Data, we can help you decide which one best fits your business Analytics needs. We are tool agnostic, but the best and most versatile tool we recommend is Qlik from Power BI. However, there are many options, including popular tools like Tableau, Domo, and others that can meet customer needs in the right situations.

Data Connectivity

The number of data registration systems has grown enormously. We now make extensive use of APIs to unlock data from the various SaaS solutions. Our connectors are fully integrated with Data Analytics tools and work just like an ODBC connection to a database. We offer universal ODBC Connectors, Qlik Connectors, Power BI Connectors and Victa Connectors. In addition, we also have solutions that provide data pipeline management. For data pipeline management we recommend Qlik Replication or the Victa Data Collector.

Data Hosting

In our total solution, we not only supply the software, but we also provide the hosting in a Data Cloud Service. We provide the complete Cloud Infrastructure Architecture. In order to offer the best possible product experience, there are various services that we can offer for hosting, managing, maintaining and providing support for hosted environments. When the hosting has already been facilitated, we can offer support with a Support Plan. In this way we ensure that your environment remains up to date, that access is properly arranged and that users have safe and fast access to the business-critical Business Intelligence applications.

Data Science

Victa takes you from where you are now to where you need to be. With a team of experts, the best tools and partners, we help you gain a competitive advantage for your business by extracting value from data. Our specialists and the advanced tools we work with make data science and machine learning accessible to a wide group of users, including business analysts and executives.

Data Storage

As a company you collect a lot of data that is volatile and disappears if it is not stored in time. Many companies therefore first collect all important data centrally in databases, data warehousing, blob storage or data lakes, before sending data to a Data Management or Data Analytics environment. For Data Storage we offer Azure SQL, Azure DWH, Azure BloB storage and Snowflake.

Data Management

The importance of good Data Management has only increased recently. We transform raw data into usable data and also focus on monitoring, support and management of this data. With Data Management we make your data complete, reliable and available on time for people or applications that use that data. The tools we recommend for this include Qlik Replicate and Qlik Compose.


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