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Despite the fact that there are more and more software and tools for data-related issues, not every problem can be tackled with a standard solution. We offer development support especially for that special one. Our developers develop high-level front- and back-end solutions, so that it feels like a standard solution for you.

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Development for Business Intelligence

Our developers develop, implement and maintain your Qlik environment. They do this with both front- and back-end solutions for Business Intelligence. They develop and write their own software to unlock data from sources for which there are no standardized tools. In addition, they create unique dashboards that tell the story of your company and develop their own solutions that seamlessly connect to the existing Qlik environment. We do this at both front-end and back-end level.

Front-end development

Products from our front-end developers have already proven their value over and over and can be found in marketplaces of partners such as Exact Online and Topdesk. In addition, our developers develop dashboards with unique branding for, among other things, storytelling and data visualization. In this way they make complex insights relevant and understandable.

Back-end development

We develop customization behind the scenes. Our developers are responsible for setting up and maintaining connections between source systems and data warehouses and developing applications for the ETL process (data engineering). In addition, we provide full data connectivity for our customers. All our developers are certified and develop in programming languages C#, .net and Python. We also have specialized and experienced developers available for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.


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Do you want to know more about Developments for BI? Please contact one of our specialists. We are happy to inform you.


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