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In our free webinars you get to know Qlik in a short time. Our specialists will give you a brief introduction to the possibilities Qlik can offer you and your organization. You can also get started with the program yourself. Would you like to know more? Sign up for one of the free webinars below.

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Victa Live is a platform where we, as Victa, would like to inform you about current and relevant topics. Several times a month, we will be 'on-air' and provide you with substantive information during these webinars. The webinars are interactive and have a hands-on approach where possible. Missed a webinar? No problem: we offer you the opportunity to watch webinars for free.

5 new features in Qlik Cloud

on-demand // 10 minutes

In this short Qlik Cloud update, Business Intelligence Consultant Madelon Janssen informs you about five new features in Qlik Cloud. She gives an insight into the Insight Advisor, new visualizations, and shows how you can easily customize your home page.

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Qlik Sense Workshop

13:00 - 15:00 // 120 minutes

Creating high-quality data visualizations has never been easier since the introduction of Qlik Sense. Want to learn more about Qlik Sense? Want to discover the possibilities that Qlik Sense can offer for you and your organization? And want to get hands-on experience with Qlik Sense, guided by one of our experienced consultants? Then sign up now for the free Qlik Sense Workshop and see for yourself the countless possibilities that Qlik Sense has to offer.

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Qlik Sense SaaS - Sprint session

15:00 - 15:30 uur // 30 minutes

Qlik Sense SaaS provides a complete data analysis cloud platform with a unique associative engine and augmented intelligence. With this, Qlik Sense SaaS is the key that ensures everyone within the organization is truly able to make better decisions based on data. In this sprint session, we will update you in half an hour on the unprecedented capabilities of QlikSense SaaS and show you the added value of this SaaS solution.

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Differences between Power BI and Qlik

10:00 - 11:00 uur // 60 minutes

We receive the question on a daily basis about the differences between PowerBI and Qlik Sense. Is one solution better than the other? During this webinar, we will go through the key qualities and points of attention for both Qlik Sense and PowerBI with you, and provide you with the correct information so that you can formulate the right answers for yourself. Please check the new text for spelling and grammar.


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