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Victa Live is a platform where, we as Victa like to inform you about current and relevant topics. We will be on-air several times a month and we would like to provide you with substantive information during these webinars. The Webinars are interactive and have a hands-on character where possible. You can register for multiple Webinars via this link. The BI webinars below can be viewed and listened to for free.

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Data in the real estate sector

Duration: 30 minutes - Robert Kleinsman.
Together with Ziezodan, we organized the webinar "Data in the real estate sector". In this webinar, we discussed how to bring together tenants, maintenance parties, and real estate managers using data analytics and data science.

Throughout the entire customer journey of Ziezodan's clients, data becomes available. This data includes reporting repair requests and conducting customer satisfaction surveys afterwards. By visualizing and enriching this data, Ziezodan adds value to the real estate sector.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about our special collaboration and Ziezodan's current data architecture. Additionally, we will discuss our joint future vision and demonstrate the possibilities in the Qlik Cloud.

Qlik Data Catalog

Duration: 30 minutes - Peter Ran
Make relevant company data available in one comprehensive data marketplace. Especially for our Qlik Sense and Power BI customers, we organized a Qlik Catalog Sprint session on 25 March 2021. Qlik Catalog is a modern solution for enterprise data management. It creates a reliable and secure catalog of all the data that your organization has available for analysis. Qlik Catalog transforms raw data into information assets that are ready for analysis. This way, Qlik Catalog creates a data marketplace where all data sources can be found, understood, and utilized for valuable insights.

Qlik Dashboard Design

Duration: 54 minutes - Armand van Amersfoort
How do you design a dashboard that gives you the right information at a glance? What are the DO's and DON'Ts regarding Graphic User Interface for dashboarding? Our colleagues Vince Wolbers and Armand van Amersfoort will provide you with the latest updates during a hands-on Webinar. They will demonstrate Tips & Tricks and a number of best practices from real-life examples.

Advanced user management with Qlik Sense User portal

Duration: 30 minutes - Peter Ran
The Qlik Sense User Portal (QUP) is an online portal where users are managed for a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment. It is essentially a web-based self-service portal for easily adding and managing Qlik Sense users. Experience how simple the management of licenses, streams, and apps can be. Additionally, we will show you how MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and the management of access credentials are handled through the QUP. This solution directly saves on administration and helpdesk support.

Insights in data with Qlik Sense (Analytics tour)

Duration: 30 minutes - Jeffrey Harkema
Every year you are used to receiving an invitation for the Analytics Tour from us. This year, we will present the content of the tour through this webinar. Be surprised by all the new functionalities in Qlik Sense. Definitely worth it because innovation in Qlik Sense is going strong!

Qlik Sense for QlikView users

Duration: 61 minutes - Bas-Jan Lubbers & Peter Ran
Many organizations still work very satisfied with QlikView through the 'Guided Analytics' principle. During this webinar, we will show the differences between QlikView and Qlik Sense and the possibilities that Qlik Sense offers regarding Self-service Analytics, Augmented Intelligence, and storytelling, for example. We will also answer a significant number of frequently asked questions about how quickly and with what means you can introduce your organization to Qlik Sense. You cannot miss this webinar if you are a QlikView user!

Tangent Works - Predictive Analytics Sprint session

Duration: 46 minutes - Bas-Jan Lubbers
In collaboration with Sam Verdonck (Business Development Manager at Tangent Works) & Philip Wauters (Customer Success Manager at Tangent Works). Based on data, you can react, act, and predict the future. Together with Sam Verdonck, partner manager at Tangent Works, we will show you how to predict the future using your own data. We will share the various possibilities of predictive analytics and provide insights into how you can use data to make predictions. Of course, we will also share some best practice cases to inspire you.

Qlik NPrinting Reporting Solution

Duration: 70 minutes - Ruben Ruhulessin
For years, NPrinting has been the best-selling add-on for Qlik. This is logical when you consider the added value of this software. Nprinting is the next-generation reporting and distribution solution for Qlik Sense and QlikView that enables the dissemination of knowledge and insights throughout the entire organization (and beyond). In addition to the basic functionalities, we will showcase all new functionalities and technical innovations during this webinar. This includes the ability to create ad-hoc reports through 'News-Stand'.

Snowflake Demo

Duration: 60 minutes - Sascha Olde Klieverik & Leonie van der Sleen (Snowflake)
80% of companies work with incomplete data! How about you? When data is not complete, you cannot make fully data-driven decisions. During this demo, Leonie van der Sleen (sales engineer - Snowflake) and Sascha Olde Klieverik (Sales consultant - Victa) will show you how to make fully data-driven decisions. In this demo, we will look at, among other things: combining data from multiple (live) sources, the power of Snowflake with big data, data-sharing with BI tools and Apps, Snowflake as a data lake or data warehouse, and finally, Snowflake and data science.

Differences between Power BI & Qlik

Duration: 47 minutes - Jeffrey Harkema
Almost daily, we receive the question of what the differences are between Power BI and Qlik Sense. Is one solution better than the other? During this webinar, we will discuss the key qualities and points of attention for both Qlik Sense and Power BI, and provide you with the correct information, so that you can formulate the right answers for yourself here.

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